1x1 Meetings

We are glad to give you the opportunity to meet with our sponsors and guests from abroad, and also local companies here that are looking to cooperate with mobile startups, developers and publishers.

See the list below, fill in your details in the form below, and mark who you'd like to meet - we will send your info only to the companies you request, and they shall coordinate the meeting time and date with you.

Google - Iky Sandorffy, Strategic Partner Lead, Google Publisher Solutions
At the Mobile Monetization Summit, the Google team will be on site to engage with App developers who are currently developing for any platform. So if you're looking to meet with our product managers, the Google Campus teams or our Partner Business Solutions team, please do contact us. We will be happy to discuss various solutions starting from scalable app development, all the way to distribution and monetization.

Amazon - Mike Hines, Technical Evangelist - Amazon Appstore for Android, Amazon
This is Amazon Appstore's first event in Israel and we are looking to meet with apps/games developers, startups, accelerator and incubator groups that we can partner with.
Also, our team for the Summit includes an AWS person you can meet with.

StartApp - Ariel Shimoni,  Director of Publisher Relations, Startapp
StartApp would like to meet  innovative mobile companies, especially:
* Developers looking to monetize their app with our unique solution
* Advertisers looking to promote their app or brand through our distribution platform

Germany Trade & Invest - Julia Oentrich, Manager, Digital Economy, Germany Trade and Invest
Germany Trade and Invest is the official economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. We focus on helping companies get established in Germany.  All our services on a confidential and free of charge, And we would be happy to meet with companies considering establishing a European base.
Our comprehensive range of services also includes, but is not limited to Market and industry reports, Business, labor and tax law information, Funding and incentive possibilities, Practical assistance, such as help finding office space or recruiting personnel. In short: Our job is to make expansion to Germany as easy as possible!

uTest Israel - Ran Haklai, General Manager
uTest provides in-the-wild testing services for web, desktop and mobile applications. By leveraging a community of 50,000 professional testers from 178 countries, uTest helps companies test their products under real-world conditions that match their user base. If you have a mobile app - uTest can help you make it much better, thus increasing downloads and user satisfaction.

Ford - Scott Lyons, European Market Development, Connected Services, Ford
Ford is looking for companies who are interesting in either creating new experiences for the car (through mobile apps) or if they would like to get their existing app/experience to work in the car through AppLink.  We have over 40+ apps already working through our system which basically allows a driver to control the app by using voice commands and to a certain extend the built in screen and soft buttons in the entertainment system.  its a great way to "get in the car" in a matter of weeks/months as opposed to years..

AppLift - Jean-Philippe Decka, VP of Global Business Developement 
AppLift is excited to meet game developers and media partners interested in mobile advertising and monetization. Come and meet us at the event to learn more about what we do. 

Mobile App Tracking (HasOffers) - Micah Gantman, VP of Business Development and Operation, HasOffers
App developers and publishers that are looking to optimize thier media spend, determine top marketing channels, gain more LTV users and ultimately find out what is driving the most revenue for your business. 
MobileAppTracking by HasOffers provides unbiased attribution analytics for performance advertising. Client profiles range from gaming to brands in all verticals: retail, dating, finance, hospitality, travel, music, sports, media, communication, etc. 

Paysafecard - Jens Bader, CCO, paysafecard group
App developers and publishers

Mobile Monetization Summit 2013 Meetings Requests