Amazing Tracks with Amazing Content!

This year the Summit will feature 2 fantastic tracks - with the following themes (See the agenda):

Mobile Advertising 

This track will explore the new developments in the mobile ads market and new formats and strategies available to app & game developers. From display ads to interstitials, video and more. We will bring the angles of all sides of the ecosystem including the big platforms, ad networks from multiple regions, brands etc. It is now a known fact that developers need huge volumes to see real money with "traditional" mobile advertising - what are some of the new advertising formats that can drive more revenues? And how do we fine tune our app or ads to ensure optimal conversions?

In-App Purchases 

This track will cover everything developers can sell in their app/game: unlocking pro features, virtual goods, physical goods etc. We’ll discuss the secret sauce for creating in-app purchases that users go for. This track will also cover games - As the leading category of revenue generating apps, what are the best ways to monetize games? And how to make a sustainable virtual economy. And what about physical goods - Will monetizing by selling physical goods from apps become a leading revenue source for developers? Which apps/products are the best fit for that model?

User Acquisition

With ~1M apps in each of the main appstores, it is hard getting noticed. This track will explore ways in which app developers can get users – social networks, promotions, offer walls and more. Are there any viable shortcuts other than acquiring users with hard cash? Recent success stories (Candy Crush) show that social features can be a users magnet. How to implement it the right way? We will hear from some international developers who made it in creative ways that they will share at the Summit. (The User Acquisition theme is embedded inside both other tracks)

The full agenda will be published soon - stay tuned!