The Perfect Pitch

The Israel Mobile Summit is proud to present the Perfect Pitch Workshop by the uber-startups mentor Jeff Robinson. 

When is it and how do I register?

The workshop will be held on June.9, two days before the Summit. Note that it is not included in the summit ticket and  requires a separate registration.

Workshop Speaker

Jeff is an Internet Venture Capitalist and a Mentor and Advisor to several accelerators including Venture Labs, Stanford University and Wayra. Jeff is also a Communications Specialist and Advisor to various Fortune 500 companies as well as a Persuasive Communications Coach at IESE Business School for the MBA and Executive MBA programs. He founded Webtradex, the first publicly traded early stage internet investment company. 

Jeff also Executive Produced and financed numerous films including the Emmy Award winner Beethoven Lives Upstairs.

Jeff writes at his blog Contrarian's Mind.

Workshop Content

Topics covered during your sessions:
1 How to avoid a weak opening and start with a real attention grabber.
2 How to stop abusing PowerPoint/Keynote and how to make your slides 100% more effective.
3 How to tell stories that are relevant, meaningful, and memorable.
4 How not to be the same as everyone else pitching your category of product or service.
5 How to create memorable moments for your audience.
6 How to include the most important missing element in most presentations and product demos.
7 How your voice can be your friend or foe and how to take control of your nerves.
8 How to avoid the mistake that almost everyone makes before they say their first word.
9 How to avoid a weak closing and the secret to getting people to take action.
10 Eye Contact, Posture, Mirroring, Handshake, Hand to Face, Facial Expressions, Arms and Legs Positions, Space occupied.

What To Expect:
  • Learn  to apply the Perfect Pitch in practical sessions 
  • Tools to optimize your presentation for investors
  • Strategies for effective communication 
  • Deal closing techniques
  • Learn to how to sell
Secure your place now for this unique workshop! Register here.